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What is Parenting ADHD Head to Heart?

Parenting ADHD Head to Heart is a comprehensive approach to effectively parent children with ADHD.

Developed by seasoned PCI Certified Parent Coaches Peggy Gomula and Sally Kidder Davis, the program leverages their combined 30 years of experience and eight years of successful collaboration. This approach is dedicated to assisting clients in discovering the most effective tools and strategies tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual child.

What sets us apart?

Our Parenting ADHD Head to Heart Parent Survival Toolkit focuses on guiding you from mere information to a heartfelt approach in parenting these extraordinary children. Instead of overwhelming you with facts about ADHD, we understand the importance of tapping into your emotions. Having raised our own kids with ADHD, we realized that a deeper connection with our hearts led to improved relationships, a more tranquil home environment, and lasting transformations.

Our toolkit goes beyond imparting knowledge; it empowers you to connect with your emotions. Through this journey, you’ll discover how to parent with compassion and create a bond that extends into lifelong, fulfilling relationships with your most cherished ones – your children.

For more information about Parenting ADHD Head to Heart, contact Peggy and Sally.

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