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Want Fewer Meltdowns? Try Softer Transitions

Does your child have a hard time with transitions? Do you struggle to get her to stop using a device or playing with toys when it is time to do something else? 

You are not alone. Transitions can be some of the most challenging aspects of raising a child with ADHD. Parents get frustrated because a hyperfocused child doesn’t come to the table when dinner is ready, do her homework or help out with chores around the house without lots of reminders.

If you are a slow-to-adapt parent, then you likely understand the child who struggles with transitions. But if you are (like I was) a quick-to-adapt parent who doesn’t have any trouble with transitions, then there can be a lot of conflict around getting your slow-to-adapt child to transition to the next activity.

What can you do in those moments? How can you help ease those transitions and hopefully reduce the conflict? Try using a ‘soft transition’:


Sit down next to your child for a couple of minutes and simply watch her. 


Begin asking questions about what she is doing. Be patient, it may be a few more minutes before she responds to you. Once you have started a dialog, you have created a bridge over to her world.


Now you can start talking about coming to dinner or getting in the bathtub or simply stopping screen time.


Enjoy the rest of your time together!

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