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How Will Parent Coaching Help Me?

Let’s face it – we aren’t raising our children in the same culture that we were raised in. Ours often feels like a merry-go-round: we go round and round waiting for that golden opportunity to jump off and slow things down. But instead of getting off we stay on for the ride filling our days with endless emails, cell phones, and video games in the car and home; after school activities and meetings that consistently interfere with our family dinner hour.  We read book after book on child rearing; we watch Oprah, Dr. Phil and Super Nanny hoping to glean just one magic bullet that will solve today’s parenting dilemma. And at the end of the day we’re as exhausted as our children with little or no energy left to devote to ourselves or our partners.

In order to keep up with this rapid pace we have to be experts in time management and stress management.  We need skills in conflict resolution, assertiveness training and communication. We need to understand the maze of schools and become our child’s best advocate. And rarely are our own parents and siblings close enough to help us raise our children. These days it feels as if we are swimming all alone in a sea of fear and unknown without a life jacket.

But what if it could be different?

•    What if you could have support in your parenting journey?
•    What if you could spend an hour a week talking on the phone in the comfort of your own home with someone who understands what it’s like to raise children in today’s toxic culture?
•    What if you could discover new ways to interact with your child and your partner?
•    What if at the end of the day you felt truly satisfied with your parenting decisions?
•    What if you could live the authentic life you have always dreamed of?

I’m here to help! Parents come to me with all sorts of concerns ranging from finding more time for self-care to communicating sanely with their teen. Are any of these true for you or your family?

•    How do I find time for my own self care?
•    When do I start potty training?
•    I don’t know where to start to find the right school for my daughter who has dyslexia.
•    How do I keep my children from fighting all the time?
•    How do I help my son take responsibility for his homework?
•    My daughter won’t stay in her bed at night.
•    My 13 year old is always on the computer.
•    My son won’t stop playing video games.
•    My teenager and I always seem to be screaming at each other.

You don’t have to do this alone. I’m here to support you in the most important job you will ever have. Let me help you rediscover the joy you once felt as a parent and along the way you’ll have renewed energy for your relationships with your children and your partner. Let me help you achieve your goal of living an authentic life and Parenting Well.

Contact me today to schedule a free, no obligation session and you’ll see why Oprah should put a PCI Parent Coach at the top of her list of Oprah’s favorite things!!

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