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Race to Nowhere

If you haven’t heard about this amazing documentary, you will. Race to Nowhere will challenge your core assumptions about the current educational system for both public and private schools. It looks at the pressures our children and teachers are dealing with everyday in a system more interested in performance and end results than learning.

Parents, regardless of the side you support, this is an important film to see. You can view the trailer here and check their screening schedules* for the screening nearest you. If you want to schedule a screening in your area give them a call.

What was it like for you when you were in school? I remember having a lot more time for fun and family interaction. It broke my heart to see my high school senior last year work as hard as she did with next to no resilience left to deal with even the simplest decisions. When did this shift? And why have we been so silent, so dis-empowered to do something about it.

I’ve seen this provocative film. I hope you will, too.

I look forward to continuing the conversation,


*For WA state residents – the film is scheduled for March 1st, 6:30  pm, Bainbridge High School. Tickets are $12. The director will do a Q&A following the film. Email for more information.

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  1. Sally, thank you for the valuable information you have shared with your blog readers. Thank you, too, for making kids who learn differently, and their families, a priority for your PCI Certified Parent Coach® practice. Parents who have the good fortune of having you as their parent coach will benefit from your over 30 years of family support work, your extensive education, and of course your experience gained from parenting your own children. Keep up the informative blogging!

    Sharon Soldenwagner
    Outreach Coordinator
    Parent Coaching Institute

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