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Race to Nowhere . . . Continued

Parents – you don’t have to stand by and wait for someone else to bring about change in our education system. Here are some great tips that will make a difference for your child and your community!

Discuss what success means to your family. Do your actions as a family reflect your values?

Reduce performance pressure.

Avoid over-scheduling.

Allow time for play, family, friends, downtime and sleep.

Ask your children how they are feeling.

Allow your children to make mistakes and learn from them.

Dialogue with your children about their experiences in school.

Know the signs of childhood depression. Follow your instincts.

Attend school board meetings and other venues where education is discussed and policies are established and reinforced. “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” Alice Walker

Form alliances and organize other parents to join you. As a group, talk to your children’s teachers, school administrators, and attend School Board meetings.

Challenge accepted homework practices and policies and the imposition of state and national standards that have narrowed curriculum.

Advocate for a later start time in high school.


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  1. Regarding dialoguing with my sons, I’m learning to pick up on clues that they’re ready to talk. If I say I’m too busy to talk, I lose the moment. But I have to be subtle and casual in starting the conversation. They’ll talk longer and more openly if I make it seem natural, not an formal process. Similar to the “teachable moment.”
    Thanks for all your news and insights into the parenting process!

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